Filtration Solutions for Industrial Dust, Fume, and Mist

Cartridge Dust Collectors

Cleaner Air from the Innovators of the Cartridge Dust Collector

We provide the most complete range of cartridge collectors that cost-effectively enhance productivity and manufacturing efficiency. Our cartridge collectors are engineered to capture the broad spectrum of dust particles that can inhibit production environments.

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Baghouse Dust Collectors

Baghouses are industrial dust collectors that use anywhere from 6 to 900 felt bags to filter dusty air produced by various manufacturing and processing applications. In most baghouses, a large fan pulls the dusty air into the collector, where the dust collects on the exterior of the felt bags and clean air, then exits the collector.

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Cyclone Dust Collectors

The cyclone dust collector is designed specifically for high dust load, high temperature, and product recovery applications.​ It has a mechanical separator that uses centrifugal force to remove dust particulates from the air in industrial applications. Dusty air enters the cyclone, and the dust particles travel around the inner wall of the cyclone. As the particles lose their velocity, they drop lower in the cyclone until they drop into the receptacle below.

BHSI (Bob Henderson Services, Inc.)

Fume Collectors

In welding operations, workers are in daily contact with harmful weld fume particulates. Most of these particles are respirable (enter the lungs), which makes it critical to have reliable, high-performance fume collectors, weld fume extraction, and weld smoke filters that collect the fume before it reaches your welder's breathing zone.​

BHSI (Bob Henderson Services, Inc.)
BHSI (Bob Henderson Services, Inc.)
BHSI (Bob Henderson Services, Inc.)
BHSI (Bob Henderson Services, Inc.)
BHSI (Bob Henderson Services, Inc.)

Mist Collectors

Manufacturers are under increased pressure to address the impact of uncontrolled coolant and machining oil mist in the workplace. Process-generated submicronic contaminants can settle on equipment, structures, and employee areas, creating a potentially hazardous work environment. We help ensure that you have the ideal solution for your application.